Beautiful Wedding and Photo Shoot

Here’s a wedding that was for a couple that’s been together for over 10 years! As you can imagine, they were extremely excited to get married and you can tell from the pictures.




This was an especially beautiful wedding because everything was custom and tailored for the set of groomsmen and brides maids as well. If you want to make a beautiful wedding you need to have everyone be as happy as this couple. This is a moment of complete love, and happiness. If you can live in the moment like our most recent wedding couple you can live a long life filled with love.

Come to the wedding day with a big smile and show up with love in your heart. You can see the happiness in Sues face. Check it out right here..


They had a huge family and and even larger wedding so they needed to have a ton of catering and even had 2 limo companies take everyone from the wedding to the ceremony.

As soon as the wedding was over it because an instant party. People started cheering and almost instantly they took off to the fleet of limousines to head to the after party. Filling the limos with all the guests took about 35 minutes because there were so many people just waiting to get into one of the limousines as quickly as possible.

To find out all about the ceremony you can leave a question down below and we will get in touch with you. If you would like to find out about the limo package used head to the companies official website : San Jose Limousine